Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice

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Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice

The Three Step Process

I’m going to tell you something that you’ve probably never heard before about starting a business. It is one of the most personal things you can do. I know that most people think that businesses are for the masses and that is true to an extent. However, a business shows the heart of the entrepreneur at its foundation.

But if it’s so personal, why is it so hard to build an authentic brand? Shouldn’t it be easy peasy? The reason it is such a difficult task is because sometimes it’s challenging to narrow down who we are on paper.

I know that I struggled with this for years. I was a free spirit/artistic type growing up. But then life happened, and I lost myself. It took a long time to rediscover that weird, artistic and entrepreneurial girl, but I did it. And now I’m excited to share with you the technique I used to find my voice again. I believe this will help you too.

Step One: It’s All About You

Write “me” in the middle of a plain piece of paper. I like using brightly colored printer paper, but that’s me. Any blank piece of paper will do.

Authentic Brand Voice

Then put 60 seconds on your cell phone timer and for the next 60 seconds, writing every word that comes to mind when you think about who you are. For example, here is mine.

Authentic Brand
Step Two: Get Friends and Family Involved

Now that you have written down your thoughts, it’s time to ask others for input. Ask two or three close friends or family to take 30 seconds and write down the first 5 to 10 words that pop into their minds when they think about you. My husband gave tenacious, spiritual, caring, funny, and logical. While a friend gave words like strong willed, dedicated, reserved, loyal, and honest to a fault. Ok, the last example wasn’t a one-word answer, but you get the idea.

Step Three: Put It All Together

Finally, it’s time for the fun part. Look over the lists and see what words overlap. Do you and your friends or family use the word energetic or do they use the word reserved? Do the list say analytical or creative or maybe both! I am analytical and creative. I think that is why I enjoy making spreadsheets look bright and colorful.

Wrapping Up

This process is simple, but effective. By narrowing down the main words to describe your personality, you can create more authentic and consistent messages. If you are energic and creative, your Instagram posts should be bright, cheerful, and full of life. If your logical and analytical, your YouTube videos should logic driven with lots of details, possibly how to’s.

Remember, you’re the foundation of your business, so make sure you shine through in everything you do.


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