Month: February 2019

Websites and Branding for Entrepreneurs and Ministries

How to Build a Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Tribe

What if I told you that you could brand that automatically attracts your ideal tribe? As an entrepreneur, you know that branding in a business is essential to any good marketing strategy. And even more important than that is to build your tribe, the group of people that really understand and support your business. Learn…
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5 Signs You Need to Breakup With That Client

In service-based businesses, badly fitted clients are one of the leading causes of burn out. They make days feel longer, tasks harder, and our businesses less rewarding. So with all of this, why does it take us forever to cut these clients loose? When it comes down it, it typically about not recognizing when a…
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4 Tips for Creating an Authentic and Memorable Brand

Are you struggling to build an authentic and memorable brand? Are you finding it difficult to find your tribe? What if I told you, the difference between a successful brand and a not so successful one might be as simple as 4 things? Read on my friend. I had a client who was having an…
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5 Questions to Ask

5 Questions To Ask Before Adding Anything to Your Schedule New opportunities can be incredible blessings. They allow us to grow and improve. They can provide new avenues for our businesses or increase our ability to reach our customers. But they can also add a lot of stress to your life when they aren’t necessary.…
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