How to Build a Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Tribe

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How to Build a Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Tribe

Attract Your Ideal Tribe

What if I told you that you could brand that automatically attracts your ideal tribe? As an entrepreneur, you know that branding in a business is essential to any good marketing strategy. And even more important than that is to build your tribe, the group of people that really understand and support your business. Learn a few tweaks that make all the difference.

Answer the Three Questions

When building any business, you need to know three main things to start; who you are, what you do, and who you help. Think about it this way, when writing your content, whether that is a blog post, social media post or a podcast outline, answer these three questions for your market.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I do?
  3. Who do I help (or what problem do I solve)?

If you answer these questions in everything you do, you will not only clearly show who you are positioned to help, but also who you are not. This automatically narrows down your target market to your ideal tribe.

Write for Your Ideal Tribe

This may seem obvious, but you would never guess how many articles, blog posts, and books are written without the target market in mind. They are either written for the writer themselves or written for “everyone”. Both are a big mistake when your goal is to attract your target market. So how do you write the copy that attracts your ideal tribe? Use these tips.

  • Talk about the solutions you have for the problems they care about. This can be a blog post about creating margin in a full schedule for a busy working parent or entrepreneur.
  • Use the words or phrases they use. For example, if your target tribe member is a teen, you might want to describe your product as straight fire instead of trendy.
  • Finally, go where they go. Use the social media platforms they frequent or use the websites or print media they turn to for answers.

Communication is Key

My favorite leader was a woman with not much more experience or knowledge than me, but she taught me a lot about great leadership. She always leads from alongside and said that she was able to do that because she never closed her door. What she meant was, she kept the flow of communication open.

When I became a leader, I did the same. I still do. I pride myself of being open with those I lead or serve and that leads me to my next point. Make sure that your communication is open and not just by communicating with your clients, but also by allowing them to communicate with you.

Whether it is social media messenger, email, or telephone, your clients should be able to contact you or your team with confidence that someone will get back with them. This builds trust and the expectation that you are the person they can count on to answer their questions and service their needs.

Show Gratitude

Appreciating your clients might seem simple, and it is, but it can be the difference between a one time client and an all in tribe member. When someone feels appreciated, they are more likely to continue doing business with you and to share your information with others. When they feel like you are grateful for their business, they become invested in you and your success.

Let me prove my point. Let’s say you shopped at a locally-owned shop and the shop owner always greeted you and thanked you for your business regardless if you purchased something that day or not. They even gave you special coupons as a thank you for shopping with them on shop local weekend and for your birthday. The owner asks you if you would let your friends know about a sale coming up. How likely to tell them about this place? I would bet you would be telling everyone you knew about it.

Make Your Tribe Feel Safe

The last (but not least) tip for building a brand that attracts your ideal tribe is make them feel safe. This isn’t just about having an SSL code. This is about how you speak to them. This is about how you make them feel in your interactions or even in your Facebook lives. This is about how you treat their information. Show them how much you honor them by taking their security and trust seriously.

If you want more tips on building your brand, check out my blog post, 4 Tips for Creating an Authentic and Memorable Brand.

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