Side Hustles for Kids

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Side Hustles for Kids

Do you remember selling lemonade or cutting your neighbor’s yard for extra money? With the explosion of the digital market place, those aren’t the only side hustles perfect for your kids. Here are 10 great kid-friendly side hustles that will teach your child the entrepreneurial spirit while teaching them the value of hard work.

1. Tutor

Is Jimmy great at math? Does Sarah know everything about space? Why not encourage them to start a tutoring business? Kids love learning from other kids because they’re on the same page and your child’s confidence will be boosted by helping someone with what they know.

2. Baker

My boys love to bake and they’re pretty good at it too! If your child has a knack for baking and decorating, what about helping them start a small baking business? They can sell to neighbors, friends, classmates, and to those that attend their church. If they’re really good at decorating, they could even cell custom birthday cakes!

If they want to really grow their business, help them get a permit and set up shop online or at a local store!

3. Jewelry Maker

Custom jewelry is very popular. With sites like Etsy and Instagram, it doesn’t take a huge investment to have a global presence for an eCommerce side hustle. If your child has an eye for jewelry design, help them safely set up an online account or register at local craft fairs.

4. Dog Walker

Does your child love dogs and strong enough to handle one? Why not let them take up dog walking as a side hustle?

5. Dog/Cat Sitting

If dog walking isn’t a great fit, but your child is a pet lover and you have the room, why not allow them to start a dog or cat sitting business? This is a great way to allow a child the opportunity to “own” a pet for a day or two without the commitment of real ownership. Use sites like Fido or your network to locate pet lovers that need someone to love their four-legged family when they’re gone.

6. Dog Groomer

Don’t have the space to allow pets to stay the weekend? What about dog grooming? Kids love giving pups baths, why not get paid for it!

7. Children’s Book Author/Illustrator

I love Amazon! It’s not just for buying great stuff, the mega-retailer also offers self-publishing services. Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing allows authors the ability to publish their books without a large investment or waiting for a publisher to choose their manuscript. This is perfect for a kid wanting to make a little extra money with their stories!

8. Chore Service Provider

Does your child have a friend that hates doing their chores? Maybe their parents would jump at the opportunity to pay your kid instead.

9. Sewing Services

Does your child like sewing or at least know how to? How about offering sewing services to friends and family? Hemming and alternations can be expensive! So, if your child offers a better price, they could make a great side hustle income.

10. Pod Caster

Podcasting is a growing industry with growing profits from advertising. While Podcasting isn’t a fast way to make a side income, it can be a great way to make a larger, more passive income that your child can keep going into their adult years. Apps like Anchor offer free options to start a sponsored pod cast.

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