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marketing for children's ministries

Looking to grow your ministry?

If you’re a ministry leader struggling with expanding your reach within your community, I would be honored to serve you with my experience and giftings. I started my journey to entreprenuership as a marketing director for my home church and I cherish the blessing of being able to walk along side ministry leadership to expand the Kingdom.


Branding Services for Entrepreneurs

One of my favorite gifts is being able to walk along side entrepreneurs to help them discover their authentic brand voice and reach the community that God has called them to serve. Are you struggling with your message or making real connections?


Take Your Business to the Next Level

From product-based businesses to service-based firms, you can make your business essential by serving local, state, and federal government agencies. The first step to bidding for that next government opportunity is the powerful Capability Statement.

I’ve been honored to help hundreds of businesses obtain lucrative government contracts that have allowed them to support their families, employees, and their communities.  

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Branding is more than a logo

It’s Your Connection

Building a successful brand takes more than a great looking logo or catchy slogan. It’s about connecting with your tribe and rallying a community around you. So, what is at the core of any successful branding strategy? Psychology of course!


Colors communicate different messages and feelings. For example, blue communicates reliability and white communicates peace or purity.


Did you know that the way a font looks can attract your ideal customer? If your brand is all about luxury, use a script style font to communicate a sophistication.


Your tone of written copy says almost more about you than your word choice (but word choice is important too). Using an informal tone paints a picture of relatability.


Word choice might sound like tone, but it’s a different animal. Choosing words that cause appropriate action or evoke desired feelings is a must in successful branding.

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