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Capability Statement Designs

If you have been considering pivoting into the world of government contracting, you have probably heard about the "capability statement". This one to two page document is a snapshot of your business. Think of it as your business' resume. This powerful tool can be the thing that sets you a part from the dozens of other businesses biding for that government opportunity.

When it comes to creating your business' statement, you can do one of two things. 1. Create one yourself or 2. Pay someone to create one for you. There is also a hybrid of the two, purchase a template and fill it in. However you go, there are several important things to consider. Check out my full article here for more information.

Below are some of my template designs. You can choose to purchase the design and update it yourself with branding and content, or you can choose to have me complete the project from start to finish for you. Whatever you choose, I would be honored to help you on your journey.

Code: CSIM1

Code: CSIM2

Code: CSIM3

Code: CSIM4

Code: CSIM5

Code: CSIM6

Code: CSNI1

Code: CSNI2

Code: CSNI3

Code: CSNI4

Code: CSNI5

Code: CSNI6

Code: CSNI7

Code: CSIM7

Code: CSIM8

Two Page Capability Statement Designs

Below are some of my custom two page capability statement designs. Please contact be directly if you are interested in a two page custom design. Designs start at $85.




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