Websites and Branding for Churches, Ministries, and Christian Entrepreneurs

Website Copywriting

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your business and it is not as easy as using your print copy into a website template. Website visitors make a decision within the first 30 seconds of being on the site if they are going to stay put, so your copy has to grab their attention and hold it. But not only that. It has to get Google’s attention in the first place to attract your target market. That’s a lot for copy to accomplish.

I specialize in writing website content that not only displays your brand voice, but tells your brand story and helps my clients build a community.

My website copywriting services include general website copywriting, SEO copywriting, ecommerce product descriptions, blog writing, online articles, and more.

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Capability Statements

If you have ever thought about submitting a bid for a government contract or pitching your product to a large retailer, you know that a capability statement is a must have. If you’re not familiar with a capability statement, it is a snapshot of your business and how you can serve your potential client in a short and concise format.

Here are the basics.

  • It is a one page document (one sided or double sided).
  • Includes your basic business information (i.e. contact information, structure, certifications, etc).
  • Includes your core capabilities as a company.
  • Includes what sets you a part.
  • Past Experience
  • Important numbers, such as NAICS codes (US), DUNS, Cage Code, etc.
But it’s not all about the information. The capability statement must be eye-catching and well branded to stand out among all of the other capability statements on the desk of your hopefully soon to be client. It also must be written in your brand voice to tell a story, your story.

That’s where I come in. I have completed over 130 capability statements for my clients in the last 5 years and I am excited to offer my services to you.
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Social Media Copy

It’s not all about cat videos, unless you sell cat outfits of course. Most people are looking for engaging, thought provoking content that catches their eye while scrolling. Sometimes a well placed photo or video is great, but a long copy can be even better to the right audience.

If your target market is one that looks for interesting, thoughtful, or entertaining content, than a well written story can be your best ammo. And that is what I do best.

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Press Releases

Yes, press releases are still around and they are really powerful when written correctly and placed in the right hands. I have written over 100 press releases for everything from church events to book releases and I understand what it takes to make them effective. 

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