Minimal Capability Statement Template- Green

Minimal Capability Statement Template- Green


This is a stylish, minimalist green capability statement template.


Capability Statement Template Are you looking for a minimalist Capability Statement Template with green branding? Look no further. Check out this simple, stylish template in green.

Capability statements are a powerful tool for small business owners. Although having a professionally designed unique capability statement is ideal, small business owners may need something more budget-friendly to start with. That’s why I offer capability statement templates.

This template includes:

  • About Us Section
  • Core Competencies Section
  • Differentiators Section
  • Experience Section
  • NAICS Codes section
  • Business Overview Section
  • The Icons can be swapped out for other icons easily.
  • Replace the Logo box with your own stylish logo design. * If you are in need of a logo, contact me today for a quote.

Need Help With Your Capability Statement Template?

Do you need help writing your capability statement? Check out my Complete Guide to Crafting a Winning Capability Statement.

If you need more assistance, contact me today.


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