Author: Kat Simpson

Websites and Branding for Entrepreneurs and Ministries

How to Create a Biblical Marketing Strategy

We’ve Come Along Way, So We Need a Biblical Marketing Strategy I’m pretty sure my childhood church didn’t have a biblical marketing strategy. Growing up in church we never had a website, a social media account, or a marketing budget. In fact, our marketing strategy was just a sign out front and the congregation inviting…
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The Best Advice for Assembling a First-Rate Remote Team

Guest Post by Tina Martin from Ideaspired.com Are you thinking of expanding your workforce by adding a remote team? When you’re used to your team members being within your physical workspace, hiring a remote team may feel strange. However, with a handful of wise strategies, you can find first- rate additions. Plus you can manage…
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5 Things I Wish I Knew About Building a Successful Brand

Do you think that building a successful brand can only be accomplished by a big corporation or someone with a master’s in marketing? If so, you would be wrong. Over the years I have learned what makes a successful brand and what doesn’t. And now I want to share what I’ve learned with you. When…
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Affordable Tech Trends That Can Benefit Your Small Business

By Gloria Martinez – WomenLed.org Many small businesses struggle to compete with large chains and tech-based brands. Being the first to adopt new business innovations is simply too pricey for the small business owner. While it may be impossible to keep up with the technology trends of leading eCommerce giants, tech can still play an…
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Complete Guide to Crafting a Winning Capability Statement

What is a Capability Statement? As a business owner, office manager, consultant, or entrepreneur you have probably heard of a capability statement or a corporate one sheet as it is sometimes called. Even more so if you have submitted for a government contract or grant. Capability statements are being more widely requested and even have…
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Side Hustles for Kids

Do you remember selling lemonade or cutting your neighbor’s yard for extra money? With the explosion of the digital market place, those aren’t the only side hustles perfect for your kids. Here are 10 great kid-friendly side hustles that will teach your child the entrepreneurial spirit while teaching them the value of hard work. 1.…
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How You Can Boost Your Social Media Engagement

This post is for anyone building a brand, but I wanted to gear this more towards student ministries this week. As everyone on the face of the planet knows, we are in the age of social media. I doubt there is one preteen, teen or college student without some form of social media on their…
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Spring Cleaning My Schedule

You might think that “spring cleaning” doesn’t sound like business terminology, but let me explain. I’ve learned that in order to run a business and have a life, one has to have some serious time management skills. From serving clients or producing products to getting the kids to baseball practice, a mompreneur’s job is never…
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How to Build a Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Tribe

What if I told you that you could brand that automatically attracts your ideal tribe? As an entrepreneur, you know that branding in a business is essential to any good marketing strategy. And even more important than that is to build your tribe, the group of people that really understand and support your business. Learn…
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5 Signs You Need to Breakup With That Client

In service-based businesses, badly fitted clients are one of the leading causes of burn out. They make days feel longer, tasks harder, and our businesses less rewarding. So with all of this, why does it take us forever to cut these clients loose? When it comes down it, it typically about not recognizing when a…
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