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Affordable Tech Trends That Can Benefit Your Small Business

By Gloria Martinez – WomenLed.org Many small businesses struggle to compete with large chains and tech-based brands. Being the first to adopt new business innovations is simply too pricey for the small business owner. While it may be impossible to keep up with the technology trends of leading eCommerce giants, tech can still play an…
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Side Hustles for Kids

Do you remember selling lemonade or cutting your neighbor’s yard for extra money? With the explosion of the digital market place, those aren’t the only side hustles perfect for your kids. Here are 10 great kid-friendly side hustles that will teach your child the entrepreneurial spirit while teaching them the value of hard work. 1.…
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How to Discover Your Why in Business

Knowing your why is one of the most important steps to building a successful business. But for some business owners, this vital step gets pushed aside or falls to the waste side all together. I don’t want that to be your story. Here are the top three reasons you should know your why in business…
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5 Ways To Start

5 Ways To Start Lao Tzu once said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, but what he didn’t tell us was how hard that first step was. We all make excuses about why we can’t start. From we don’t have time to we don’t think we’re qualified. But if we can…
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